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Introducing Issy's Owls

Posted on 19th Nov 2011 @ 2:31 PM

Metal Eco Art : Intricate artworks fabricated from reclaimed metal scrap. Metal is one of the easiest materials to recycle, and the metal recycling process is one of the most beneficial to the environment. Metal artwork is likely to be made from scrap metal or a mixture of metals. Recycled metal will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, decrease environmental damage and begin a recycling process that can be repeated.

The Green Aspect: The artwork has been created out of recycled scrap metal which makes it eco friendly. First and foremost the artwork is absolutely exquisite and of great decorative value. Other important qualities include the fact that they have been created out of recycled metal and so they are environment-friendly. The artworks also help to prolong the life of the scrap metal, which we consider as waste and of no use to us, these artworks inspire us to look towards sustainable practices like recycling. Landfills are attracting both amateur and established artists as they have started seeing a lot of potential in waste. This serves two purposes: helps the environment and fulfills their hunger to do something different.

The Inspiration: Waste metal, scrap from kitchen utensils, bikes, light fittings and home fittings. Isabella is passionate about the craft of welding, designing and creating unique pieces, which acts as the additional motivating force.